Thunderbird - Download, Installation & Configuration

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  1. Go to Thunderbird's home page at

  2. Scroll down to Technology Preview and click on the Thunderbird link

  3. Click on Download Now! in the upper left area of the web page

  4. Wait for it to come up with the download screen

  5. Click on the Save button to save the installer to disk

  6. Save the Installer (ThunderbirdSetup-0.#.exe) to the Desktop (or other suitable location)

  7. Wait for the ~8MB Installer to download and finish then click on Close

  8. Close the browser and look on your Desktop, you should now have a Thunderbird Installer icon, double click on it

  9. The Mozilla Thunderbird Setup screen should launch, click on Next

  10. The Software License Agreement is now displayed. You will need to click on "I Accept .." if you accept the agreement. (you have to, to continue beyond this point). Then click on Next

  11. The Setup Type is now displayed, select the Standard installation option and click on Next

  12. The Select Components screen is now displayed, this is a summary screen, click on Next

  13. The Installing screen is now displayed, this is a screenshot of it installing, click Next when it is finished

  14. The Install Complete screen is now displayed indicating that the installation is complete, click on Finish

  15. When Thunderbird comes up it will start with the Account Wizard, select Email account then click on Next

  16. Enter Your Name: and Email Address: as you want them to appear on outgoing messages, click on Next

  17. Select POP as the mail server type, the Incoming Server: is, the Outgoing Server: is, click on Next.

  18. Enter the Incoming User Name: and Outgoing User Name: to log into the server. For almost all situations this should be the same. Please note that the usernames are case sensitive and must be all in lower case. Click on Next.

  19. Enter a unique name for this email account in the Account Name: field, your email address is sufficient, click on Next

  20. In this summary screen you can double check your settings. Use the Back button to go back and make any changes. Once you are done Uncheck the "Download messages now" checkbox and click on Finish.

  21. Here is the main Thunderbird email screen, click on Tools.

  22. And then click on Account Settings...

  23. This will open the Account Settings screen. Click on Server Settings in the upper left.

  24. Place a check in the Use secure connection (SSL) checkbox under Server Settings, and click on Outgoing Server (SMTP)

  25. Click on the TLS, if available radio button to enable secure communications, click on OK to close this screen

  26. This takes you back to the main Thunderbird screen, click on the Get Mail button in the upper left hand corner.

  27. This will bring up this warning, click on Accept this certificate permanently radio button and then click on OK

  28. It will now ask you for your password. Enter the password as it is on the welcome sheet that was faxed to you. Click on the Use Password Manager to remember this password checkbox. Click on OK

  29. If you clicked on the Remember Password checkbox (step 28) you will get the following Alert screen, click on OK.

  30. This takes you back to the main Thunderbird screen. Notice that it has downloaded your messages (assuming email was available for you..)

This concludes the Thunderbird basic installation

The instructions and screen shots contained within this website are specific to services offered by Real Time Enterprises only.



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