Spybot - Search & Destroy

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Spybot - Search & Destroy can detect and remove spyware of different kinds from your computer.




  1. Visit the following URL: http://www.spybot.info/en/download/index.html

  2. Download spybot.exe from one of the download mirrors and save it to your hard drive


  1. Once the download has completed, find the .exe file and double click on it to install Spybot - S & D

  2. Select English as the language and click on OK

  3. In the Setup Wizard, click Next

  4. Read through the License Agreement - if you agree, select I accept and the agreement and click on Next

  5. Use the default install location (unless you have reason to do otherwise) and click on Next

  6. Select the additional components that you wish to include in the installation. The Full Installation should be fine, click on Next

  7. If you would like to have Spybot listed in your Start Menu or change the folder name then make those changes here - the default options will work fine, click on Next

  8. Select the following additional tasks for Spybot:

    1. Place a check in front of Create desktop Icons

    2. Place a check in front of Create a Quick Launch icon

    3. Place a check in front of Use Internet Explorer protection (SDHelper)

    4. Click on Next

  9. Confirm or double check your installation settings and click on Install

  10. Spybot is now being installed on your computer, this may take a couple of minutes

  11. When the installation is complete, click on Finish


  1. After Spybot launches, you will see warning - read through it and click OK

  2. You will see a popup window, click on Create registry backup

  3. You are then prompted about downloading any updates, click on Search for updates

  4. Follow the on screen instructions if updates are available

  5. The next step is to apply some basic spyware blocking to your computer, click on the Immunize this system button - when that step is complete, click on Next

  6. Click on Start using the program to launch Spybot


  1. Click on Search & Destroy icon in the upper left

  2. Then click on Check for problems

  3. Once the scan is complete, it will display any spyware/potential spyware with further instructions *or* a message that the system is clean

Manually Update

  1. Click on the Update icon on the left

  2. Click on Search for Updates

  3. Follow the on screen instructions if updates are available

Manually Immunize (after updates)

It is important to always perform this step if there are any updates!

  1. Click on the Immunize icon found in the left

  2. Click on the Immunize button found at the top

  3. When completed, you should see a popup indicating so, click OK


The instructions and screen shots contained within this website are specific to services offered by Real Time Enterprises only.



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