KGpg Fingerprint

One way to check and make sure your public key is legitimate or trusted, is to verify the key's Fingerprint. Here's how you do that:

  1. Launch KGpg

  2. It's often easiest to use the Search function in KGpg to locate the key in question, so type in the name (first and/or last name) in this field

  3. Double-click on the name and a new popup window will open (or, you can select the key by left clicking on it once and then clicking on Keys -> Edit Key; or you can highlight the key and hit Return)

  4. At the bottom of the popup is a field called Fingerprint: and in this field is a 40-character string of text

  5. Provide that text string to the person who asked for it - preferably in person or over the phone (Note: It's okay to provide this information, it is the private key that you want to protect)

Now that you have either provided or received a Fingerprint and verified to the best of your ability the identity of the person in question - you now have the option of signing the key with a level of trust.

  1. Select the key in question and click on Keys -> Sign Keys...

  2. Carefully read the alert message in the popup screen then click on Continue

  3. At the bottom of the window is a dropdown menu with various options - select the option that best applies, click on Continue

  4. Follow the prompts or instructions as they appear - nearly all instances will be unique

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