DSL Configuration - Actiontec Router, IP Subnet

Configuring the Actiontec 1520 modem in PPP mode for multiple IP addresses (/29, /28, /27, /26)

  1. Open your web browser and press your web browser's Stop button
  2. In the address bar enter the ip address of the Actiontec. By default it's
  3. You should get a screen that at the top says Actiontec
  4. Click on Setup / Configuration link
  5. Set Up / Configuration Screen-
    1. Click on Advanced Setup link
    2. Click on Begin Advanced Setup button
  6. Configuring the Advanced Settings Screen-
    1. Click on Next button
  7. WAN IP Address Screen-
    1. Leave Obtain an IP Address through PPPoA selected
    2. Check Unnumbered Mode box
    3. Set Unnumbered IP Address (Gateway Address) to last usable IP in your static IP block
    4. Set Unnumbered IP Address (Unnumbered Subnet Mask) to network mask of your IP block
      1. For /29, set to
      2. For /28, set to
      3. For /27, set to
      4. For /26, set to
    5. Click on Next button
  8. Broadband Connection via PPPoE/PPPoA Screen-
    1. Leave PPP auto connect checked
    2. Set User Name to your login name
    3. Set Password to your login password
    4. Leave Static IP blank
    5. Click on the Next button (required to save above)
  9. Wireless Settings Screen-
    1. Select DHCP Server link (far left)
  10. DHCP Server Screen-
    1. Select Off
    2. Click on the Next button (required to save above)
  11. Services Blocking Screen-
    1. Select NAT link (far left)
  12. NAT Screen-
    1. Select Off
    2. Click on the Next button (required to save above)
  13. Static Routing Screen-
    1. Select Save and Restart link (far left)
  14. Save and Restart Screen-
    1. Select Save and Restart button

Actiontec 1520 Notes

  1. The reset button on the back of the DSL Actiontec modem or the Utility Menu can be used to restore Default Settings.
  2. If the Actiontec modem is restored to Default Settings, it is configured via
  3. The /29-/26 Static IP services will typically use pure routing on the DSL Actiontec modem. The customer PCs or PCs will be manually configured with IP address, Subnet mask, Default Gateway, and DNS server addresses. In this case, http://LAST_USABLE_IP is used to access and configure the modem.
  4. The /29-/26 Static IP services can be used with NAT routing and/or DHCP on the DSL Actiontec modem. This will be the exception since most customers have leased a larger block for pure routing, and they will manually configure IP settings on the PC(s). The configuration for this exception has not been provided.

The instructions and screen shots contained within this website are specific to services offered by Real Time Enterprises only.



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