Outlook Express 6 Configuration for SpamAssassin

If SpamAssassin is set up on your mail server (like mail.your-company-name.tld); you can set up your mail client to filter out spam messages, based on headers that SpamAssassin adds to each message.

This is a HOWTO for configuring Outlook Express 6 to sort messages with a specific subject heading (in this case [Possible Spam]) into a specified folder called Spam.

  1. Launch Outlook Express

  2. Click on Tools -> Mesage Rules -> Mail

    Open Mail Message Rules

  3. Place a check next to Where the Subject Line contains specific words in section one and Move it to the specified folder in section two, then click on the text contains specific words located in section three.

    Select Conditions, Action, and other specifications

  4. Enter [POSSIBLE SPAM] in the text field and click on Add then click OK

    Type Specific Words

  5. Click on the word specified in section three

    Select destination folder

  6. Left click (once) on Local Folders so it's highlighted, then click on New Folder

    Create new folder

  7. Enter in Spam as the folder name and click OK

    Name new folder

  8. Click OK again

    Exit destination folder window

  9. Enter in Move Spam to folder for the rule name in section four and click OK

    Name the mail sorting rule

  10. Confirm that the Spam Filter rule is in place, click OK

    Confirm message rules

  11. New (marked) messages will now be saved into the folder Spam. You can view these messages by opening (double-clicking) the folder called Spam.

    Accessing spam folder

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that non-spam messages could end up in this folder